The MusicRoom / Week #4 IndieFolk OCT 23,Hanoi
The MusicRoom / Week #4 IndieFolk OCT 23,Hanoi

The MusicRoom / Week #4 IndieFolk OCT 23

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22:00 Mon 23 Oct 2017


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HRC, Creative Artillery and Kimmi Records present, for the first time in Hanoi, the MUSICROOM.

Full albums in complete darkness.
Enjoy a whole new listening experience in the heart of Tay Ho.

We handpick 2 albums, connected by a theme.
The albums are chosen based on their historical and musical influence, and their importance within the genre.

We play them at high volumme, all lights off.
You and your ears, delighted.

The practice of listening to music has changed. We strive to focus on the important part: the music. That's why we play entire albums, not just songs, and that's why we play them in complete obscurity. To let the audience rejoice and be captivated, the way the artists wanted it to be.

HRC's top-level new soundsystem, comfy couches, cold drinks and friendly staff get together to deliver a wholesome, sense-stimulating experience.

Sit down and enjoy.


Audience members are kindly asked to:
-Turn down their phones volume and brightness.
-Avoid using their phones at all time.
-Remain silent and respectful towards other audience members
-If you want to enter/exit the room while the music is playing, a staff member will guide you towards your seat or the exit, follow them
-Relax and immerse into the music
These are encouraged in order to provide a pleasing experience to everyone. In total darkness, just checking a whatsapp message is really annoying to the rest of the audience.

*** ABOUT US ***

The Creative Artillery: A group of artists and organizers who love to do fun stuffs and appreciate beauty.
We collect art and gather people who make art to create a community and a market for local Hanoi independent artists.
We sell local arts, merchandise and organize art events and workshops.
We believe art should be generating emotions, educational and - most of the time - fun.

Kimmi Records: an independent label and studio complex from Buenos Aires, Argentina.
An ever-expanding project involving local artists who create and produce music and events.
Check out some of our artist's stuff at

Hanoi Rock City: born 6 years ago – HRC has been at the forefront of supporting and hosting live and electronic music from the start. With a firm dedication to providing a platform for emerging artists – this Hanoi institution is a cornerstone of the music scene today.

Event ended

22:00 Mon 23 Oct 2017